American Masculinity


Our American Masculinity shirt is an ultra-premium black t-shirt, made of 100% cotton. 

"Toxic" masculinity they call it. What they mean is men who don't feel guilty for being men.

They take the worst traits of the man-babies of the world and call that masculinity. That's not masculinity. Not one person would look at any of these school shooters, woman beaters, or ground-staring losers and call them masculine.

There's nothing manly about that.

Real men stand for what they believe in. They are willing to fight to defend others. Real men aren't intimidated by lunacy. They're out on the front lines, refusing to back down, staring the enemy in the face.

Thanks to American masculinity, we have the strongest country in the world.

The problem isn't that the scumbags of the world are men, the problem is that they've never learned to be men.

American Masculinity: Keeping America Free Since 1776