Big Brother & Big Sister Embroidered Dog Scarf, Dog Bandana

Embroidery Pattern

Big Brother/Sister embroidered bandana makes it clear who's in charge here! šŸ¶

Scarf threads onto your dog's collar, then lies on the dog's shoulders and down their side or back.Ā Made from 100% cotton fabric. A great gift for the expectant family...pregnancy announcement...shower gift or new puppy celebration.Ā 

  • The bandana is made of 100% cotton cloth that feels smooth and cool even in hot seasons.
  • Contoured and adjustable for a comfortable fit.
  • Handmade, Machine Washable/Reusable.


Please measure your petā€™s neck carefully and loosely, we donā€™t want it to be too snug! These are just general sizing guidelines.

  • S:Ā  Approx 13" wide
Fits dogs havingĀ up to 8" neckĀ (Teacup dogs: chihuahua, toy poodle, etc.) Note: If your small dog is fluffy, like a bichon or maltese, order size M, as the S scarf, although your dog may weigh less than 10 pounds, will get lost in all that fluff!
  • M:Ā Approx 24" wide
Fits dogsĀ havingĀ 9" to 16" neck, such as beagle, cocker spaniel, jack russell, terrier and dachshund.Ā 
  • L:Ā Approx 33" wide
Fits dogsĀ havingĀ 17"-27" neck, such as setter, lab, spaniels, great dane, mastiff, shepherd and cattle dogs.Ā