Black Knight


Our Black Knight shirt is a tribute to the myths and legends surrounding the legendary warrior. It is printed on a ash heathered shirt.

Historically, Black Knights were usually someone who conceals their identity as well as any crests or other heraldry that would reveal their allegiance to any king or country. They did this so they can carry out dark and notorious deeds without consequence. Some mercenaries were known for burning their armor to turn it black. Black armor became synonymous with villainy.

In various stories, myths, and legends, most notably the Arthurian Legends, the Black Knight is a symbol of a villain, darkness, and/or death. He usually opposes the famous Knight-errant or White Knight. 

Throughout history there have been several people who earned the title of Black Knight. These include Edward of Woodstock the Prince of Wales, James Stewart the Black Knight of Lorn, and Zawisza the Black of Garbow. The Knights Hospitaller were also referred to by some as Black Knights.

Die A Hero, Or Live Long Enough To Become The Villain